Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When coupons don't work

This is more of a post to reiterate the importance of knowing the coupon policy. Most companies have it written and it's usually hidden on the website somewhere but you may have to ask.

I received a holiday mailer for Papa John's with a coupon for a Free Order of Cheesesticks with the purchase of any large or extra large pizza. So, I looked online and saw that the XL3 pizza was $11.99. I called to order and apparently, the $11.99 was a "coupon" so if I wanted that pizza with the cheesesticks, the pizza would now be $21.99. Obviously, I did not want to pay an extra $10 for my "free" cheesesticks. Ordinarily, I would have ordered from Domino's because I know their coupon policy and probably could have gotten more food for the same price but I was hungry. I, stupidly, said the p word in front of my 4-year old, and I wanted the XL3 pizza (instead of the medium 1-topping I would have gotten from Domino's.)

I do have an email into Papa John's to see if they have an actual coupon policy because if they do not, they would have to honor the advertised price of the pizza with my coupon. I'll keep you posted!