Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Cure

   My kids have pretty bad seasonal allergies and between the two of them, it seems like someone is always sick. The Big One is easier to manage because he's 4 and has more options on what he can take but I am still always on the lookout for non-drug remedies. The Little One is always a challenge because he's 1 and there really aren't many medical options for him other than a doctor visit and some sugar loaded prescription cough syrup.

   Well, I have found The Cure.

Meet Vicks© Soothing Vapors Plug-In Waterless Vaporizer. This thing is amazing! Until last night, The Little One had been coughing day and night for 2 days and has had a week of sleepless nights because of his cough. He started to sound like an old man because he was going hoarse from all the coughing. I plugged this in and within minutes, the whole room smelled like Vicks. Last night, he sleep better than he has all week (which means I slept better than I have all week) and woke up cough free. Everything else I tried (essential oil baths, herbal teas, elevating his mattress, mentol rubs on his chest) worked for a while but he would always start coughing again within a few hours.
                        The little pads that come with it are supposed to work for 8 hours but I've had the same one plugged in for closer to 12 hours and the room still smells great. It's nap time and I still hear no coughs.

   The GREAT news is that Walgreens has a deal on this (among other Vicks© products) through Saturday, Jan. 2nd! If you spend $20, you get $10 back in register rewards. Spend $10, get $5 back. They are $4.49-$4.99 each (so yes, to get $10 back, you'd have to buy 5 products). I bought two Soothing Vapors (each with 5 pads), a pack of 5 replacement pads, and more Baby VapoRub. I got $5 back which was like getting one of the Soothing Vapors for free. Also, I had a coupon for free Puffs with Vicks when you buy 2 Vicks products and a $1 off any single Puffs.

   I don't get anything from anyone for posting this, but I am so grateful for this new product!! As a mom, it's a huge deal to find something that works and helps sick kids sleep. These work for adults, too. It's not marketed as a kids product and it's safe for all ages. Go get some because someone you know will probably cough, sneeze, or wheeze soon!


Melinda said...

We have this product too and LOVE IT!!!