Monday, December 14, 2009

Walgreens coupon sheet

Go here for a 4-page sheet of good Walgreens coupons. Just at first glance, there are manufacturer coupons for a bunch of these. From the Sunday paper, I have coupons for Duracell batteries, Huggies wipes, Hershey's candy, Always and Tampax products, Pampers, and Cover Girl. Go to for the match ups on this. Some of these things will be almost free if you use both.

I am not sure if Walgreens will take the printed version of the coupons on the sheet but it's worth a shot. The hard copy version is located in the store but you'll have to look for all of the sheets because they aren't together (at some stores.) I'll let you know if they take the black and white version after I go.