Monday, December 7, 2009

What I am playing (and winning)

       One of the ways I actually make money is through (reputable) online sweepstakes and instant win games.
Here is a list of the games I have actually won or know that people are winning. I have a folder in my bookmarks called “Daily Win!” and since you can play or enter these every day, I do just that. Some of them have multiple prizes or grand prizes along with the smaller instant win prizes. I have read on other blogs that the best time to win is late at night or early in the morning but I typically play after the boys get up (8am) or during nap time (12pm-2pm) so it seems like time isn’t as big a factor as some people think. I will say, however, that if I play every day for 2 weeks or so and win nothing, I will try switching to a later time. That worked on the Wendy’s game.

       You do have to sign up for most of these but they do not bombard you with 10,000 emails. Some will send you coupons so it’s actually really good. If you are going to enter daily, signing up makes it very fast later.

Currently Playing:
  • Johnson’s Right at Home Rewarding Indulgences (ends 12/31/09) – Win Glade candles or $100 American Express gift card, Click here
  • Unilever Making Life Better (ends 12/31/09) – Win an eco friendly tote bag full of a sponsor’s products or a $500 gift card to “a store,” according to the rules. See the website for sponsor list.  Click here
  • Febreeze Freshest Game Day Ever (ends 12/27/09) – Win a trip to the Super Bowl, a trip to the Pro Bowl, a 50′ plasma, a gift card to the NFL shop, or a coupon for a free Febreeze product.  Click Here
  • Dave Ramsey Christmas 09 Give Like No One Else (ends 12/23/09) – Prizes change daily. Click here
  • Famous Footwear Make Today Merry (ends 12/31/09) – Win $10,000 cash or CDs, movie tickets, or gift cards. You have to play a Memory-type game with shoes to play the instant win part. I am horrible at Memory so I doubt I’ll win this one, haha. Click here
  • The 3PM Snackdown Challenge (ends 4/30/10) – Win a training session with The Biggest Loser Traner Bob Harper and a trip to The Biggest Loser Resort or “Smackdown Cash,” which can be traded in for thousands of prizes. Codes are found on packs of Extra gum or click “Request a Code” for a free one. Click here
  • Snyders of Hanover and Better Homes and Gardens (ends 12/31/09) – Win a different prize each day or $5,000.  Click here
Games I’ve won prizes (and still play):
  • My Coke Rewards Instant Win (various games, most end 12/31/09) – YOU DO NOT NEED COKE POINTS TO PLAY! Here’s how you play these without points. Go to “Spend your Points,” then “Instant Win,” and click on the “Rules” of any game. Each set of rules will say “Free Method of Entry” or “Alternate Method of Entry.” Read through that section and find where it says “Click Here.” A small window will pop-up asking you to enter the security code. Once you click submit, you will have a free entry. Request as many entries as it will let you and do this for each game. Play them all the maximum number of times allowed each day (some will let you play 3 times, others will let you play 5 times). Click here
               These games change all the time so play it every day. I have won DJ Hero for PS2, a $15 Best Buy gift card, and a $10 Best Buy gift card from Coke.
  • Wendy’s Home Makeover Combo (ends 1/4/10) – Win Home Depot gift cards, a home makeover, or tools. You can win up to 7 times so even if you win once, keep playing. This is another one that you can do an alternate method of entry. You are supposed to use codes from Wendy’s cups but if you click “Need a Code?” at the bottom, they email you codes. You can play 5 times a day so request 5 codes a day. Click here
               I won a $10 Home Depot gift card playing this game. I played everyday for two weeks and got annoyed because I never won so one night at 11pm, I tried again and won on the first try.
  • Redbook Magazine (ongoing) – Redbook Magazine does a Giveaway-A-Day. This month it’s a $100 gift card from You can enter every day and when the month is over, they award prizes. There are also a few sweepstakes you can enter, too. When you enter, it will automatically susbscribe you for a trial issue. You don’t have to do that. On the entry page, there is an option that says, “No purchase is necessary to enter.” Click that option. Then, just click no on all the additional information. Click here
               I won a $100 gift card to Newport News last month.
  • Huggies Enjoy the Ride (ongoing) – This one you do actually have to have codes from Huggies but has a list of free codes that is updated very often. Click here
               I won a $25 Starbucks card in the Instant Win games.

       It may seem like alot of work but it takes me about 10 minutes every day to enter all of these since they are saved in my bookmarks. For the $260 worth of prizes I have won, it seems worth it to me. Weigh it out for yourself. If there are prizes you really don’t want, then skip that one. When you win, share the joy with all of us! Good luck!!