Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Publix makes me happy

Total:  $80.20
I paid $13.35
What I bought
2 4-packs of BeneVia vitamin juice
2 bottles of Nivea body wash
4 packages of Toll House cookies
2 bottles of Sundown vitamins
1 box of Monkey Bread
3 Yakisoba noodles
1 Revlon nail polish
1 pack of Goody hair bands
1 Cover Girl compact
1 8-pack of Fruitables juice
2 packages of Kim and Scott's pretzels
1 loaf of Publix brand bread

     I had at least one coupon for everything I bought except the bread. I stacked coupons (Publix from the Green Advantage flyer  or Family Holiday magazine with a manufacturer coupon) or they were BOGO and I had two coupons. This has never happened to me before but they even had to bring a manager over to override the register because I had more coupons than I had stuff! The cashier and manager looked at my stuff and coupons and said I was doing everything exactly to the letter of the coupon policy. My Favorite Bag Boy, who never says much, leaned over to see the register screen while I was paying. I asked him if he was seeing how much I saved and he said, "I just had to look."

   No, this is not a week's worth of groceries but I'm pretty stocked up. All we needed this week was bread but we have a bunch of Christmas parties so I would have had to buy cookies soon anyway. I am having trouble getting The Big One to drink anything because he says he hates everything other than Sprite so I am now on a mission to find anything remotely healthy that he will drink. The juice was a fulfills that. My husband loves the Yakisoba noodles and will eat them as an after dinner snack. I didn't buy anything we won't use so it was a good trip.