Friday, June 18, 2010

Thing One and Thing Two

Today is one of those days, as a mom, that I wish I had a nanny. My husband has taken my car to work every day this week because his battery is completely dead (he knew he needed a new one and it won't hold a charge anymore at all) and he wanted to make sure it didn't fry anything else before he changed it. So, we decided to wait until tomorrow because money was low and he really despises working on car after work. Plus, my car has a/c and his doesn't. The boys and I have gone swimming and taken walks this week but for the most part, we have been inside all week. It's over 100 heat index so there isn't much we can do outside.

For the past month, my boys have been ganging up on me and their target of battle is the kitchen. It was started by my 19 month old and the 4 year old is very much a follower with his brother. Every time I leave the main part of the house (ie. go to the bathroom, get the mail, take a shower), they stampede the kitchen and empty cabinets, the pantry, the garbage can, the refrigerator, and this week, they added the sink. They are fast and thorough, much like Thing One and Thing Two. I always make them clean it up but they love to clean. On Wednesday, I heard a crash while I was in the bathroom. The Little One was pulling stuff out of the sink and threw a glass plate on the floor. Obviously, he couldn't clean that up. Well, today, The Big One decided that was a fun game two days ago and he threw a glass bowl on the floor when I went to get something out of my room. It didn't shatter like the plate but the bottom cracked. I spanked him but nothing phases these boys!

We have tried cabinet locks (they figured those out the first week), taping the cabinets closed (they pulled it off), furniture barricades (they climb over), spankings (they laugh), yelling (they laugh), and long time outs (they laugh.) We didn't want to buy a baby gate because The Big One knows how to open them and we hoped this behavior would get old. It hasn't so, the baby gate is my last hope for sanity. My only consolation is that usually when The Little One gets bored, The Big One does, too. I am hoping if one can't get it, they will both move on. Hopefully...