Thursday, June 10, 2010

Aldi Info

Aldi is really expanding and has recently migrated to Florida. I haven't shopped at Aldi yet because the closest one is still about 40 minutes from me but there is one coming soon!

The chain recently came to Dallas and MelissaStuff posted a great "Newbies Guide." I am glad she did some research before I went to one. I'm still nervous about the processing of returning the cart. What am I supposed to do with my kids? I guess I'll have to go shopping alone and that will be my excuse, haha!


MelissaStuff said...

Thanks for linking to my post :) I don't think Aldi is near as intimidating as I thought before I went. Getting the cart back is super easy . . . there is a chain hanging from the last cart in line and when you put it in the slot on your cart, it pushes your quarter back out! Voila! All done.

But any excuse to go without your kids is a good one :)