Monday, June 21, 2010

Publix in the News: Coupon Fraud

I have written about this before but it's very important that we are always mindful of it. Please read the article I linked to the first time I wrote about coupon fraud, as well as this report from Channel 6 News. Coupons are amazing wonderful sources of money but we are not trying to cheat the store. I'm nervous that Publix is commenting on this subject because it means a) they are being cheated by dishonest customers, b) they will crack down on everyone, including those of us who are being honest, and c) they may rewrite their coupon policy to be more restrictive. I have, in the past two visits to Publix, seen evidence of this already. The manager has a clipboard with a list of internet coupons NOT to accept and had to check to make sure the coupons I was using were not on the list. If you are in doubt, ask a manager before you checkout and please be gracious, kind, and accepting of the information you are given while shopping. For the sake of the long and hot days and hard work my husband puts in to bring home money so we can eat, educate yourself as much as possible so grocery prices can continue to be flexible. Thank you and happy shopping!!

I have an email into Publix corporate requesting a copy of the most current Publix coupon policy. As soon as they respond, I will post it here.
UPDATE: Read their response here.