Monday, June 14, 2010

DVD Review: Hermie - Who is in Charge Anyway?

I have read many of Max Lucado's books, both for kids and adults. My very favorite are the Punchinello and Wemmicks books. I bought two of them before I even had kids because the story and message resonated with me. That being said, I had not read or seen any of the Hermie and Friends series.

Who is in Charge Anyway? is the story of Freddie Flea, a seemingly average repairbug. While fixing the Ladybug family's TV, he overhears a conversation between the little ladybugs and their mother, who says Freddie is special because he is their friend. This makes Freddie sad because he feels like all of his friends have a special talent like being strong or brave but he doesn't. After a long conversation with God in the garden where Freddie lives, he realizes many other bugs are useful in spite of their "flaws."

Here is my son's review.
Me: "What did you think of the Hermie movie?"
Him: "I really really liked it but it wasn't that funny. And like, those people, they didn't concentrate on what they were doing. They looked around and didn't watch where they were going."
Me: "What do you mean?"
Him: "Let me tell you. Hermie didn't watch where he was going. He looks around too much."
Me: "What was your favorite part?"
Him: "When the boat started sinking. When the water came up high."
Me: "Would you tell your friends to watch this movie?"
Him: "Yeah."
Me: "Ok, thanks, you can go back to playing cars."
Him: "But I need to say more. There's this thing that doesn't like to, like somehow, it's not very cool and it's called a bee. It isn't cool and doesn't like anything so I don't know what it likes."

So, there you have it. The raw opinion of a 4 year old. I do agree, Hermie was a little shifty eyed. The boat scene was one of the memories Freddie was having about Hermie. God told Hermie to build a boat so he did and saved all of his friends because their garden become flooded after days of rain. The bee was another of Freddie's friends. He wasn't cool and was bullied by the cool bee until he saved him from a venus flytrap.

As a mom, I liked this movie because I can let them watch it without worrying about what they will hear or what kind of commercials they will see. It teaches God's truth so it makes me happy. Plus, it's an hour long and my kids actually watched it!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this DVD from to review. I did not receive monetary compensation for my opinion and I was not required to write a positive review. .