Thursday, June 17, 2010

How to Build your Stockpile

Friend Family Savings posted a great post about stockpiling. I love that she mentions that you don't need a pantry or lots of space to have a great stockpile. I live in a small apartment and using coupons has helped me become more organized and learn to maximize the space available. We have a cabinet under the sink in both bathrooms that are full of bath products (I use baskets, too), the shelves in the laundry room have all of the laundry products, large stuff (toilet paper, diapers, ect) goes on a shelf in the boys bedroom, I freeze anything I can, and use all the space in the cabinets I do have.

I need to warn you. Once you start using coupons to create a stockpile, it becomes a game and you might end up with 12 unopened deodorants under your sink!