Friday, March 26, 2010

Tim's Orlando Travel Tips

Do you have a question about Orlando? Looking for something to do? Planning a vacation? Become a fan Tim's Orlando Travel Tips and ask him! See what he suggested when I asked for a recommendation on a free or cheap family friendly place to go in Orlando. I asked the question around 3 pm and had an answer by 7 pm. No Googling required! I watched a movie with my kids, made dinner, and played checkers while he did all the legwork. You can ask your question directly on his Facebook fan page and he will respond via video email. Go here to find out how to "stay sane" traveling with kids. We have only traveled 4 hours with 1 child because I am scared to go any further, especially with 2, but he gave easy advice that actually makes me think we might be able to drive out of state sooner than later.

Thanks, Tim!