Saturday, March 27, 2010

Giveaway from Mom Loves Deals!!

I do have things to give away. They are good things, even great, perhaps. BUT I will not tell you what they are or even post a picture until I get 50 people who already love deals to click the little gray "Follow" button located on the right hand side under the About Me section. You can click the blue "Follow this Blog" button under Networked Blogs, too, while you are clicking. I even moved them up to make them easier to find.

Why should I follow you?

  • You love to save money and get free stuff.
  • Companies have stuff just lying around. They like to share this stuff. But they will only share it with people who have a high number of followers. 
What kind of stuff are we talking about?
  • People who make and sell things (jewelry, clothes, art, ect) on love to give stuff away but they also love large scale free advertising.
  • Manufacturers like General Mills, who own over 35 companies, work closely with largely followed blogs.
  • Restaurants like the Darden Cooperation will give largely followed blogs gift cards.
  • Diaper companies, including cloth and reusable diaper, love to provide free products to large blogs.
  • I have seen giveaways for furniture, health and beauty products, major retailers, and online shopping sites.
Yeah, but how do we know you won't keep all that great stuff?
  •   I won't keep the stuff that is donated, in trust, for a blog giveaway because then that person or company will never work with me again. 
  • The more incentives I give you, the more you will tell others about this blog.
  • I love this blog and I love sharing what I know so I will never intentionally do anything to jeopardize that.
What happens to me if I do follow you?
  • Nothing will change for you. I will not send you emails. I will not bother you. 
  • You will continue to enjoy my posts as normal.
How often will you give this possibly great stuff away?
  •   For every 50 people who click the little gray and little blue buttons, I will offer a giveaway. I will choose a winner using from the list of people following this blog.
Thank you so much for making this successful for everyone! :)