Friday, March 26, 2010

Dollar Store Crafts

I found this website last night and spend way too much time oohing and aahing over people's overwhelming amount of creativity. I wasn't blessed with good ideas like these but I can follow directions pretty well so I was still excited. There are hundreds, if not thousands of awesome craft ideas using supplies you have around the house or can get at your local dollar store. Most of the beautiful and fun crafts will cost you under $10. There is a section for $5 crafts and $1 (and free) crafts. They have a Facebook page, too, so you can ooh and aah all day long!


Heather - said...

Thanks for finding us and for the nice write up!! I hope you find a bunch of fun things to do!


MomLovesDeals said...

I'm already digging around my house for stuff to use!