Friday, March 26, 2010

Blockbuster Express codes

 It's Friday so head to your local "blue box" Blockbuster Kiosk to rent a couple movies. Every time I go to the blue box or Red Box, I write the codes on a post it and give it to the people behind me when I am finished. If you need a smile or just want to do a good deed, this is a simple way to accomplish that. People love when someone is unexpectedly nice to them. It's only $1 but it makes people so happy!
  • GY131 (1 free rental, exp. 3/31) 
  • G2U13B4 (1 free rental, 3/31 only)
  • NEWMOON (BOGO, exp 3/28)
  • GN13B4 (BOGO, exp 3/29)
  • 555G13B (exp 3/31)
(Remember, these are 1-day rentals so take them back on time to make sure they are really free!) Find a Blockbuster Express near you.

Thanks, Coupon Cravings, for the info!

Also, I found this website. They have a Facebook page so become a fan to get all the free movie codes!