Tuesday, March 16, 2010

$5 off Disney's Princess and the Frog

If you have a little one (or you just love Disney movies), then get your $5 off coupon for The Princess and the Frog here. I have asked my son if he wanted to see this movie many times and I always get the same answer, "Ew, no, that's for girls!" So, sadly, I probably will not be buying this movie but it's a great coupon!


Fallan said...

I'm going to get it anyway with the $10 off Blue-Ray combo pack and the $5 Band-Aid rebate and $5 Success Rice rebate (out this weekend).

MomLovesDeals said...

Great idea! Everyone else can check out my list of rebates available to see how the Band-Aid rebate works. I might buy it now that it will be almost free. It will make a good gift for someone.