Sunday, March 28, 2010

Publix makes me happy

For those of you who noticed (and I really don't think anyone did), I did not post my totals from Publix last week. I can and will (slightly) blame my husband. He is a man of many wonderful money saving skills, grocery shopping is not one of them. The brakes in my car broke (exploded, was the term used) so hubby took me to the store last week. He hasn't been grocery shopping with me in many months and while I do know he used great restraint, he also added about $30 worth of stuff so I did not save more than I spent. BUT he fixed my brakes for $98 when it would have cost about $500 to take it to a shop. I think the $30 was worth it!

Here are this week's total:

Total: $124.81
Total I spent: $70.32
Total Saved: $54.49

Again, you will notice I did not save more than I spent. My husband and I have decided to move away from factory farmed foods which, we know, will cost a little more. I bought two meals worth of wild caught fish, free range chicken breast, cage free eggs, 5 qts of almond milk (I did have coupons but it's sold in qts or half gallons so it was more per gallon even with coupons), and gluten free crackers (I did have a coupon for them.)

Since we started our healthy eating, healthy living, I have lost 20 lbs (in 6 weeks)! This was the first week I did not buy any pre made meals or, other than all natural lunch meat and Kraft mac and cheese for the boys, processed foods. I'm curious to see if that makes my weight loss jump this week. All the snacks we have are either made from nuts or grains and we do not have any sweets (other than some candy canes left over from Christmas, no temptation there) in the house.

How did you do this week??


Heather said...

20 lbs! That's amazing! I did okay at Publix yesterday. I saved $54 but spent $105. I usually come in at about $85 for the week for our family of 3. I did a little extra stocking up on canned goods this week. :)

MomLovesDeals said...

Thanks! It's a work in progress for sure!

As long as you are consciously trying to save or reaching whatever goal you set in place (save $20 each week, save more than you spend, whatever), it's great! $54 is alot of money!