Friday, February 26, 2010

Reasons to Rebate

Mail-in rebates have changed since your mom would send off for $2.00 back from the 10 boxes Hamburger Helper you ate in a month. I was pretty skeptical about spending the time getting everything together, using my stamps, and maybe getting a few dollars back in a month. My only experience with mail-in rebates was from a computer my husband (boyfriend at the time) bought. It took time to get it all together and he didn't get the money back (he admitted years later that he didn't read the instructions.) In the last month, I have decided to try it for myself.
Here is what I have done so far: 

  • $5 SC Johnson Rebate - I have submitted two of the three allowed rebates. I got them back quickly and they even emailed me to tell me the checks were in the mail. After I got the money back, I made $1.37 (49¢ after stamps but still profit, nonetheless) buying Scrubbing Bubbles products. (I did have to mail these out separately.)
  • Free (up to $5) Jennie-O product - I just put this one in the mailbox and I did have to submit the UPC with the rebate form and receipt but the UPC was on the cardboard outer wrapping so I didn't have to open the package. 
  • P&G rebate ($100 in coupons) - I mailed this one out today, too. 
  • Magazine -  This one went out on Monday. 
The required information for these was minimal and took me less than 2 minutes to complete. All of the rebate forms are printable online and Publix even printed a duplicate receipt for me so I was able to buy my Jennie-O and P&G items in one transaction. After my $2.20 in stamps, I will make $77.26 buying diapers (which The Little One uses on occasionally an hourly basis), hamburgers (which we eat), cleaning products (until someone drops a maid off at my house, I will use this), razors, body wash, and deodorant (for which my friends are grateful.) I didn't buy any crazy off the wall brand or some ridiculous number of food we will never eat. I bought stuff I would have bought anyway. I just get paid for it because I took 10 minutes out of my day to mail off a rebate. I see it as a way to take couponing to the next level.

What is your experience or thoughts on rebating?