Monday, February 22, 2010

GREAT diaper deals

There are many great diaper deals available this week. If you have extra money, now is the time to stock up! I am that crazy lady who does the math to find the price per diaper, trash bag, and paper towel. I know I can get Luvs at BJs with coupons for 16¢ a diaper so I refuse to spend more than that. I have zero brand loyalty which helps me save money. I am listing all the sales I found because I know some of you have medical or personal reasons you use one brand. I hope this helps!

My son wears size 4 so my math is based on how many I know come in the size 4 pack. The price per diaper will change slightly based on size. Also, the price will change based on what coupons you may have.

Target - (sales end 2/27/10)
  • Up & Up brand (Target store brand): Box for $13.69
    • 16¢ per diaper
  •  Huggies: Box for $29.99
    • 23¢ per diaper
  •  Pampers: Buy 2 boxes for $35.99 each, get a $10 gift card. 
    • $2 off coupons were in Sunday's paper (I got 2 papers this week) making them $33.99 a box
    • Spend $67.98 -$10 GC = $57.98
    • Size 1 and 2 = 17¢ per diaper, sizes 3-6 = 20-31¢ per diaper - (I just did this deal but I think it's good for a while. Only applies to first time customers.)
  • Buy 6 jumbo packs of Luvs at $7.99 each (size 4 = 31 diapers)
  • Add something small to your cart to bring the total to $50 (I got Earth's Best cookies, which brought the total to $50.53) for free 2-day shipping.
  • At checkout, use code HAPPYBUM for $10 off.
  • All new orders qualify for a free subscription to Parenting Early Years OR you can go here and print out a rebate for $14.97 if you do not want that magazine. They will mail the check in 6-8 weeks. 
  • After the $10 off and $14.97 rebate, I will end up paying $25.46 for 6 packs of diapers and the cookies. 
  • This makes them 13¢ per diaper!!! That is the cheapest I've ever found them! If I take out the cost of the cookies, it would make them 12¢ per diaper. Amazing!
  • Thanks, Friend Family Fun for this great information!!


Melinda said...

You rock! Also, I have some Pamper coupons if anyone can use them... K is only using panties & pull ups these days :-))