Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cheap games

Free Sample Freak found a way to get 7 games and toys for .24¢ - $6.96. These are great deals for last minute birthday parties or boring weekend days. I will be going in the next few days to pick up a few of these. Also, coupons.com has coupons for more games, like The Game of Things, which I have wanted since before Christmas. It's $25 at Target but with the coupon, I can almost justify buying it.

Also, couponcravings.com, listed a few other games you can get at Target with these same coupons. Remember, you can print each coupon twice.

I got some info from my Toys R Us insider that The Game of Things is $17 at Toys R US right now. So, with the $5 coupon and the $5 egift card they will email you for becoming a fan on Facebook, this $25 game becomes $7!!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!!

Happy playing!