Friday, February 26, 2010

This is a really great website. Basically, it's a collection of focus groups and everyone can apply to participate. There are new House Parties every few days. You sign up on the website and apply for everything you might remotely be interested in hosting. They choose 1000 people to host a party, then the guests and host fill out an online survey about the product. It's easy, fun, and you get free stuff! I have hosted a Martha Stewart craft party courtesy of Michael's and as host, I got about $200+ worth of free scrapbooking supplies. My guests got to make three different crafts and all received coupons for Martha Stewart crafts. I have gone to a Kristin Hannah book party (I got a copy of her new book Firefly Lane), a Rowenta steam iron clothing swap, and am invited to a Pull Ups Potty Dance party. I am also hosting an Arnold Sandwich Thins party next week. I got coupons for 5 free packs of Sandwich Thins and a great cutting board. All my guests get grocery list pads, recipe cards, and cloth grocery bags as well as a fun lunch!

You will not get accepted for every party you apply to host but you will get some of them. Since November, I have applied for thirteen House Parties, have been accepted to host two, was invited to five (attended three), and am still an "active applicant" for three parties (they have not chosen the hosts for those last three parties.) Those are pretty good odds and as a host or a guest, you get to have fun with friends and go home with great coupons and goodies!