Monday, February 8, 2010

Publix makes me happy

Total: $150.09
Total I Spent: $65.78
Total Saved: $84.31

     I absolutely love going to the grocery. Behind me in line was a young guy who was buying beer and steaks. He said, "That's alot of coupons." I said, "Yeah, but look, I've already saved $80." When the cashier was done and told me my total savings, Mr. Beer and Steak said, "Wow, that's amazing." I gives me such joy to know that people notice and appreciate what I do for my family.
     It's such an incredible change from a year ago when I would cry on my way home from the grocery because I had no idea how I would feed my family on the pathetic amount of food I could afford. Now, I open the refrigerator and cabinets just to bask in the glow of the volume AND quality of food we have on hand on any given day. I am forever grateful for the friends who have helped me learn how to do this and to my husband for supporting the fact that we never have the same stuff in the house. My life and the lives of my family has been forever changed because of coupons.


Tony said...

I like reading your post Van, it's awesome to see you being so proactive. Sharing them with others is a blessing also. Keri and I have benefited from what we have learned from people who share like you. Keep it up!