Monday, April 19, 2010

Winning is easy!

I am going to remind you again, if you don't enter (contests, sweepstakes, giveaways, ect), you won't win. It's one of my many mantras. I enter for everything I think I might want.
Here is what I have won since November: 

  • $100 gift card to Newport News (Redbook magazine)
  • $10 Best Buy gift card (My Coke Rewards instant win)
  • $15 Best Buy gift card (My Coke Rewards instant win)
  • DJ Hero game which I sold on Craig's List for $60 (My Coke Rewards instant win)
  • $10 Home Depot gift card (Wendy's instant win)
  • $10 e-gift card ( instant win)
  • 16x20 photo poster ( instant win)
  • $25 Starbucks gift card (Huggies instant win)
  • Etre Cow book (Bok Choy Bohemia blog)
That is about $260 worth of stuff for almost no work.
I got an email this morning that I won this giveaway, too. That's another $23!
  • For me, saving money is a part time job and part of that includes entering to win reputable contests. It just adds to my weekly savings total. It easier to just pay full price but you get less for your money.
  • I only enter through blogs that I trust and companies I already know. If a contest or sweepstakes asks you for bank information or to "complete an offer," it's a scam and do not do it!
Here are two places to start. 

Giveaways on Blogs

Daily Sweepstakes

I enter everything I can every day. I have a folder in my bookmarks called "Daily Win" and once a day, I enter them all. Redbook Magazine and My Coke Rewards have ongoing instant win and sweepstakes all the time. (Go here to learn how to play the My Coke Rewards games without using any Coke points.)

Start entering and tell me what you win!


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