Thursday, April 8, 2010

Craft Day!

Today, the boys and I had a craft day. I have been very inspired lately by Dollar Store Crafts. I am a Facebook fan and follow using Google Reader so every day I have seen some beautiful creations that I wanted to try. So, today, we did it!

We went to the local Dollar Tree and spent $13 on a whole bag of great inspiration. On Dollar Store Crafts, they talk about about "stashbushing" which is basically making stuff out of what you already have. I don't have much storage and have never really bought stuff thinking I'd use it later for something. I tend to only buy what I will use right now so my stash was limited. I did, however, organize my two small drawers of supplies. I really did have more than I thought, especially glue. Apparently, I planned on gluing alot of stuff. Here is what we made...

This was his first time painting. I gave him cars and he raced them through the paint. 

I am going to glue this to canvas I have and hang it next to a picture the older one painted last year.

He was painting rocks and then painted with the rocks. 

$6 worth of supplies I bought. I made two crafts with this, my son made another craft, and we have stickers leftover.

 I brightened up a cluttered area. I moved the clutter (I still need to find a home for the fish supplies where the kids can't get them) and love the result! (See the painted rocks? I think they add that extra touch of love.)

Cards for the grandparents.

All of our portraits in glitter glue. I want to frame these Andy Warhol style!
I bought the bulletin board for $1, used some of the stickers from my flower jar craft, and stashbusted the rest! 

We live in an apartment and can't paint the walls so I created removable framed wall art! The stickers were $1 and I only used half of the pack (this is two different packs.) The ribbon was from the $1 bin at Michael's about a month ago and I hot glued it to the wall. So, it was about $2 for a nice piece of modern, original art.

What have you made lately?


Erin Ramsey said...

Look at you crafty lady!!! I love the glitter glue paintings ... lookin' forward to seeing that framed.
You Rock!

MomLovesDeals said...

Thanks! I have to figure out how to frame them. Looks like a trip to Michaels is in order to see what I can do!