Friday, July 2, 2010

A breakthrough?

My sensory boy has been in speech therapy for about five months and it's been four months since his diagnosis. He has come so far from throwing himself face down onto the ground with no regard for safety because he was frustrated. This week has been a week of small miracles, in my book. We spent the weekend with my brothers and one of them said, "I never heard his voice before. He wasn't even making sounds the last time I saw him!" My brother has no children and doesn't quite understand Sensory Processing Disorder but the fact that he noticed a change was huge. We have heard many new unsolicited words this week including milk (mi mi mi), juice (ju), apple (which was very clearly apple), and thank you (na new.) A huge breakthrough has been the fact that he is saying people's names. He has attempted his brother's name, both of his uncle's names, and one of his friend's names. It's been a really good week and I have so much hope that SPD won't be a hindrance to his life, just a minor obstacle to tackle.


Kelly said...

He has the word NO down!! I heard that in RLK a couple SUndays ago! He was so cute!!!

phrannie said...

that is wonderful! this is certainly just a hurdle in his development, he will overcome it with ease, as he is already showing. receiving the right therapy early enough makes all the difference. he will be fine, i bet in a couple of years this will all be behind you 8)

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you and him! Abigail has come leaps and bounds with her SPD. The teachers at school, for the first 6 months, never knew how her voice sounded. Even now when she says something it still kind of shocks them. She is transitioning great and eating better. With such a wonderful Mom, he will be able to overcome this and deal with it the best possible way. GO Vanessa!!