Sunday, May 23, 2010

Know the Coupon Policy

    I was blessed with the opportunity to go grocery shopping by myself this afternoon. I went to Publix and Target armed with my coupons. Now, I have been using coupons at Publix for about a year and I always go to the same store so I KNOW their policy as well as many of their cashiers and managers. I want to make sure I am doing everything by the book so I ask alot of questions if I am unsure about something. 
   So, this afternoon I was able to take my time and shop for things I wouldn't normally buy if I had two bored kids with me. I had two coupons for Cover Girl makeup. One was "buy any cover girl face product, get one free" and the other was "$2 off any Cover Girl product." I KNEW I could them both as long as I bought two items. I needed more face powder so I got two, which were $5.99 each. Well, the cashier, who I have never seen before, started off my transaction irritated about my coupons. After asking most of the cashiers at that location, I know that the consensus is that they want me to give them coupons in three piles: free items (including BOGO), store coupons, and manufacturer coupons. So, I arranged my coupons in that order as she was scanning and handed her the piles on at a time. When she got to the $2 off manufacturer coupon for my Cover Girl stuff, she said I couldn't use it because I already used the BOGO coupon. I said I was allowed to because I was buying one of the items. She said she didn't care what I thought, she would not scan it and gave it back. I may not have been as nice to her as I could after she said that but I told her I'd just take it to customer service and get my $2 from them. She said, "Go ahead and try." So, I said I would.
   At customer service, the clerk said he was pretty sure I was right but wanted to double check. He came back and said, yes, they owed me $2. I told him the cashier was rude and didn't even bother to ask anyone to see if she could accept both. He said he'd let the manager know and she'd inform the cashier that what I was doing was perfectly fine. In the end, I got two Cover Girl products (which would have been $12) for $4. I think the extra few minutes was worth the savings.

   The bottom line is know the policy because cashiers are not always right. I knew without a doubt I was right and I had the confidence to make sure I saved as much as I possibly could.

   Please review Coupon Etiquette, too. I guess I still need more practice being nice when cashiers aren't nice to me.