Thursday, January 7, 2010

Get free stuff for recycling

 This may not be new to some, but it was new to me so I wanted to share. is a website that rewards you for recycling. You get 100 points just for signing up and then you can add more points to your account by recycling old electronics, joining and using (like Freecycle), or being a part of a neighborhood curbside recycling program. I have a few old cell phones I'm going to recycle but even if you only use the first 100 points, you can still get great stuff. I spent my points on 5 $1 Coke coupons since it's the one thing my husband asks me to buy every week. (He will eat Hamburger Helper and Easy Mac with hot dogs without complaint, I can buy him Coke.) Other free rewards you can get with your 100 points are Seventh Generation dish soap, 20% off at Foot Locker, amd BOGO Huggies wipes. There are hundreds of rewards!