Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soft Scrub Total

Great News! I am now a Soft Scrub "Club Captain." This means they will send me new products to try and I get to tell you how much I love them.

The product I got this time is called Total Bath and Bowl Cleaner. I received it approximately two hours AFTER I deep cleaned both bathrooms so I had to wait for them to get dirty again before I could really try it out. I will say I really do love it and not just because they want me to say that. This stuff is awesome! Our sinks have a weird issue where they tend to get a waxy coating on them which attracts any dirt leaving them a nice shade of gross. Usually, I have to scrub really hard to get it off but with Total, I sprayed it on and I didn't have to scrub at all! The build up wiped right off!

Reasons to love Soft Scrub Total: (There is a kitchen version, too.)
  • Works upside down so you can spray inside the toilet
  • Has a screen over the trigger that allows the product to come out as a spray or a foam (I used the foam for the sink)
  • It will truly be the ONLY product you'll need to clean your entire bathroom.
Try it for yourself because it's awesome!